Who we are

Since 1985, when the company was founded, we develop all the efforts to raise the levels of quality required by our clients, and by ourselves as well. We are a young and dynamic team, full of ambition and equipped with modern machinery. We continuously invest in innovation so as to follow the latest trends in a constantly changing market, thirsty for fresh new ideas.

Also, we are heavily committed to the relationships with our suppliers, because we believe that the success of our own business depends on the perfect combination and balance between Malhinter, our client and our entire supplier network that is upstream of the industrial process.

Our goal is to satisfy all of our client’s needs, based on two pillars that we identify as crucial: easy responsivness on lead times and requirement for maximum quality.

Our success and our satisfaction is manifested by the enduring relationship that we mantain with some of the most important fashion brands of our days.

“Man is as big as his dream”
Fernando Pessoa

What we do

We can source or develop in our supply network any kind of circular knitted fabrics: jersey, rib, interlock, fleece, in any type of composition structure. We work with the top quality knitters/dyers here in Portugal.

Our suppliers offer a wide range of sustainable fabrics, from organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester or blends of recycled/organic cottons and recycled polyesters, organic linen.

We are also very strong on prints, as we have a partnership in a placement screen print unit company here in Portugal. We can do any kind of technique: HD high level (box print), plastisol, pigment, water ink, discharge, foil, flock, puff, glitter, metallic, photo print. We have an unique technique that allows us to print over the seams with incomparable quality.

Besides placement print, we can also do allover print (rotary yardage), digital (placement and allover) and sublimation.

We can do any kind of embroidery technique.
We work with the best garment dye units here in Portugal, and we can make any garment dye, special dye, tie-dye, any kind of garment wash, grinding, etc…

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